Samantha is a Certified Health Coach. After attending a culinary school she moved to Rochester, MN to marry her husband. Soon after she experienced health problems of her own and decided that something needed to change. She turned her life around through holistic methods, and decided to go back to school for health coaching so she could help others to turn their lives around! She is passionate about whole health - through nutrition, exercise, and self care. By using those three roots of health, she helps guide you along your wellness journey!


To help people self-discover and build a foundation of true health.


To spread the message of true health across the nation to many people and for them to then spread the message.

Core Values

  • True health
  • Honesty
  • Dependibility
  • Individualized approach
  • Respect for the individual and their needs
  • Clients time is important
  • Making it about the client and not myself
  • Positivity